Monday, March 5, 2012

Mini Roman Epic

[You can now join us on Facebook! Exitus Roma was made for the Ridley Scott + YouTube competition, 'Your Film Festival.' If we make the semifinals, we'll rely on our fans (you!) to get to the finals. You can watch the trailer here.]

Here are some early images from my new short film. It's a mini epic about roman refugees from the barbarian invasions, AD 410.

The film was produced for the Ridley Scott + YouTube competition, Your Film Festival. It's been filmmaking in the fast lane! I wrote the script at the end of January. My amazing producer, Anna Elizabeth James of Majek Pictures, put it together in three short weeks. We wrapped production last Friday, and I watched the editors' cut on Sunday!

Starring Teri Reeves, David Landry, Brad C. Wilcox, and Nevin Millan. Written & directed by me. Produced by Anna Elizabeth James. Cinematographer: Jonathan Barenboim. Production Designer: Bonnie Bacevich. Costume Designer: Pheobe Boynton. Make-up Artist: Cara Liedlich. 1st Assistant Director: Michael Koerbel. Fight co-ordinator: Bill Leaman. Editors: Daniel Hanne & Nick Wenger. Sound: Alexander Burstein. Composer: Leah Curtis. And many more on an amazing crew! 

More info coming soon.


  1. Fawaz, you never disappoint! I'm enjoying following your advancing career.

  2. Marina from BrazilMarch 9, 2012 at 5:11 PM

    Good Job!! : )