Sunday, November 21, 2010

Best World Song Award

I'm thrilled to announce that To Rest in Peace won 'Best World Song' at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards this week! Congratulations to our wonderfully talented composer Leah Curtis, and all the amazing artists who brought the music to life.

We were also nominated for 'Best Original Score in an Indie, Short or Documentary,' which was won by Christophe Beck for Waiting for Superman. It was an honour just to be in the same category as such an accomplished artist (and an Emmy Award winner!)

Hans Zimmer, whose work was an inspiration to us during the scoring process, won 'Best Original Score in a Feature Film' for Inception.

Leah wrote a great blog post about scoring To Rest in Peace, which you can read here. It explains the music track by track, with links to a SoundCloud playlist. The winning song 'Salamun Salam' can also be seen online in the Failaka Island montage.

Congratulations again to composer Leah Curtis, and all the incredibly talented artists who contributed to the score: vocalist Lisbeth Scott, Armen Anassian and Nancy Roth on violin, Lynn Grants on viola, Mary Anne Steinberger on cello, M. B. Gordy on percussion, Chris Bleth on duduk, Dean Parks on oud. Plus music consultant and contractor Alan Steinberger, scoring assistant Karim Elmahmoudi (fellow USC alum!), music editor Dave Lawrence, recording engineer Charlie Paakkari, and scoring mixer John Rodd.

Congratulations also to sound designer Chris Whetstone and re-record mixer Valen Hernandez, who integrated the score beautifully into the sound design of the film. And finally, a special thank you to Dr. Lisa Urkevich who consulted with Leah to help create the feel of Kuwaiti music, and my parents, Faisal Al-Matrouk & Mona Al-Kazemi, who provided the arabic lyrics.

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