Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Charles Anteby

Charles Anteby's latest demo reel includes a scene from To Rest in Peace.

The scene was shot on our third day of production. During the screening in Kuwait, several people tried to guess which local hospital we filmed in. But this was actually filmed in Santa Clarita, California. Kudos to our production design team.

The third day of production was particularly difficult, because of a big technical setback we had in the morning. We were not able to get our first shot in until after lunch, and then only because of some major problem solving by camera department, grips and electrics, and producers. Having a professional cast with a good attitude helped us rally and rescue the scene. My biggest concern when the crew is working against the clock is: will the stress of the day affect the performances? But I was very happy from "action" to "cut."

Congrats to Charles on your continued success!

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  1. Thanks , Fawaz. The mood of the set always comes from the director, and we, the actors, were nothing but pampered, protected from what was going on technically on set, and respected. It makes it so much easier to work. It was a happy set, lots of smiles and when it came down to work, very serious and focused. It was very well run - the proof is in the product.