Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 3 of 10

A good day 3. We had some big technical set backs that pushed our first shot until after lunch. With only a couple of hours left, the team rallied together, pushed through, and was able to create a beautiful scene.

It was so lovely to see all the actors in Kuwaiti clothing, moving through a space that the art department had made completely authentic. We missed a couple of shots that would have really showed the full glory of the art department's work. But we have our scene, and a beautiful scene, with several options for post-production, which is exactly what we need.

I was moved by how many people we were able to get for extras, and Prasanna Iyengar, our costume designer, did a great job of dressing them all. Pictured above, left to right, are Vachan, Kamal, my dad Faisal and Mohammad, who was kind enough to bring Kamal and a contingent of seven or so people. Mohammad will also play a man who is stopped by soldiers and interrogated on Tuesday.

Rich Prugh, our set photographer, was not on set today, and will not be tomorrow. We missed him! Looking forward to having him back on Tuesday for Day 5.

Sunday night is an overnight shoot for our climactic scene. Then a much deserved day off for everyone on memorial day.

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