Saturday, May 14, 2011

The World Cup Quarter-finals

To Rest in Peace is a quarter-finalist in the 2011 World Cup Film Awards. It is an elimination-style tournament that pits one team against the other, like the second round of the FIFA World Cup. You can cheer for us on the World Cup Film Awards Facebook page.

We are the only team representing Canada in the competition, though we could have also represented Kuwait or the United States. The film was made by a Kuwaiti raised in Canada (Toronto represent!), with a canadian star, and two canadian producers, through an american university, shot in California and Kuwait, funded by Canadian and Kuwaiti sources. A multi-national effort in our globalized world. But with the mighty maple leaf flying high, I say: Go team Canada!

Incidentally, team Kuwait won the Gulf Cup in 2010, giving us hope they may qualify for their second World Cup appearance in 2014. (Their first was in 1982).

Several members of the To Rest in Peace team are passionate soccer fans, so it is particularly exciting to be in this tournament. It looks like we have tough competition in Angela Hinton's A Palette of Possibilities. It may come down to extra time, or penalty shots. The semi-finalists are announced May 22nd!

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