Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scene from the Film

Twenty years ago today, Kuwait was liberated from the occupation.

The moment is described beautifully in Jehan Rejab's memoir, Invasion Kuwait: An Englishwoman's Tale:

As I stared about me, I thought I heard a woman ululating in the distance. I ran round the other corner to look at the mosque and someone said happily, 'It's clean now.' I think they were unearthing a Kuwaiti flag. I do believe Kuwait may be FREE — FREE — FREE.
To honour the occasion, I'm posting this scene from To Rest in Peace. It has been everyone's favourite since the first draft, and my personal favourite as I was about the boy's age when Kuwait was invaded. When I asked what scene people would like to see posted, my friend Nadia said it best:
The scene with the son and his painting, to honour the bright future of Kuwait!

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