Saturday, February 12, 2011


One of the fun projects I've had recently is editing the web series Goldilocks, which is shot and distributed on the iPhone. The story is a Bourne Ultimatum or Alias sort of thriller, about a former spy, now mom, whose espionage life comes back to threaten her son.

This episode was cut on the flight over to Dubai for the festival. I had a little LaCie Rugged hard drive, and Avid Media Composer on my laptop. Put the tray table down, put the head phones on, and suddenly the Emirates A380 becomes an editing suite. One of the things I love about making films in the digital age.

The series is up for YouTube's Telly Awards. If you enjoyed watching it, you can help us win by voting here.

You can also check out the producers and directors of Goldilocks, Michael Koerbel and Anna Elizabeth James of Majek Pictures, in the New York Times, and at MacWorld Expo.

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