Friday, April 23, 2010


Leah Curtis wrote a haunting score for To Rest in Peace. Since we recorded last Tuesday, the music keeps coming back to me in every moment of quietude, crowned by the exquisite voice of Lisbeth Scott.

Here is the cue from our final scene, leading into the credits.

To Rest in Peace - End Credits by Leah Curtis

I'm astounded by what Leah was able to create, and the talent she was able to bring on board. Armen Anassian and Nancy Roth on violin, Lynn Grants on viola, Mary Anne Steinberger on cello, M. B. Gordy on percussion, Chris Bleth on duduk, Dean Parks on oud. Plus music consultant and contractor Alan Steinberger, scoring assistant Karim Elmahmoudi (fellow USC alum!), music editor Dave Lawrence, recording engineer Charlie Paakkari, and scoring mixer John Rodd.

One of the notes we got from our industry mentor, early in the rough cut stage, was to make the music bigger. He recommended we listen to Black Hawk Down, which we did, playing the entire soundtrack against sections of To Rest in Peace. It became the model for our opening cue, and for the scope of our music.

But Leah really outdid herself with it. I'm very proud to have her art included in this film.

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