Thursday, April 22, 2010

Color Correct

It has been a busy week! Tuesday we recorded music, and color corrected. Today we mixed the music. Friday and saturday are the final sound mix. Expect several blog posts in the next couple of days.

Color correction was done by Ian Vertovec at LightIRON Digital. Compare the above image of Malek to the one posted right after production, in the 'Cast' blog post. We took out the greens, brought up the contrast, tweaked and finessed, and now it looks like a movie! I am particularly thrilled by how the climactic night time moment turned out, but I will save those images for you to discover in the film.

Sean wrote a great blog post recently for WonderHowTo: Cinematography about the process of shooting To Rest in Peace, from the decision to shoot the RED One and Canon 7D instead of 35mm film, to the necessity of using the Sony EX3 as a backup camera. He posted some great stills from the film, and behind the scenes.

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