Sunday, February 7, 2010

There's always time for giant chess...

How can you resist a giant chessboard?

Sean and I stopped for a quick game of chess on Failaka. After a few moves, though, the novelty wore out, and the itch to go filming got too big. So, unfortunately, I can't report on a winner. (There was a moment when my king was in check, but we won't talk about that...)

The cut is coming along nicely. This week we'll be showing it to the project mentors for feedback. Once those notes are addressed, we'll be having a small test screening, before we lock. Updates to come.


  1. Ahh Fawaz I share your love of giant chess... I'm glad the filming is going well! Keep up the blogging :-)

  2. Good luck Fawaz, I like this picture :)