Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PAGE Awards Semi Finals

Shining Path is now a semi-finalist at the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards!

At this stage of the competition, the scripts are narrowed down to the top 25 in each category. Shining Path is an espionage thriller based on a true story, so it made it into the historical film category.

The picture above is of Abimael Guzmán, the leader of Shining Path. Our screenplay follows a peruvian detective and a rogue CIA agent as they try to bring down Guzmán, who at the time was considered the most dangerous terrorist in the world.

I say 'our' because I'm developing this screenplay for producer Brian Zager. He came to me with the story after he saw To Rest in Peace. We are still in development, working on the next draft. And we have started research on our next project, which will utilize my skills as a historian, but takes place instead in the near future.

Congrats also to semi-finalists Nate Ruegger, and Kristin Ellerman! I had the good fortune of working with both of them while at USC, and will be cheering them on in the next stages. Nate has Furious Angels in the action/adventure category, and Kristin has Riding Pine in the family film category.

Finalists will be announced on September 15th.

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