Thursday, January 6, 2011

Al Arabiya - Live interview in Arabic

The day after we arrived in Dubai, I got a call early in the morning asking if I could do a live interview in half an hour. Of course, the answer is always 'yes'. Which then leads to the question 'what about breakfast?' Fortunately, we managed to get ready and out the door in time and well fed.

The interview was for Al Arabiya's morning show. My arabic was a little rusty, having lived in Toronto, Los Angeles and London since I was eight years old. But the hosts were lovely, and I managed to get through it without much Arabish (Arabic-English hybrids).

We enjoyed a good deal of press during the Dubai Film Festival. They had a dedicated publicist, Sarah Ahmed, who put us in touch with various media outlets for interviews. There's a radio show, and a newspaper article coming soon to the blog.

Many thanks to Sarah, and to Mohammed Al Azzam and Layal Assaf, who made Dubai the perfect premier festival for To Rest in Peace!

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