Friday, November 26, 2010

Guten Tag, Österreich

When looking at the stats for this blog and for Vimeo, I expected to find that the three countries most interested in To Rest in Peace would be the US, Canada and Kuwait. It's a film made for an american school, by a Kuwaiti who grew up in Canada, about an event in kuwaiti history. But it looks like the country with the second most pageviews after the US, with even more pageviews than Canada and Kuwait, is Austria!

Vielen Dank. Vielleicht sollte ich einige Blogeinträge auf Deutsch schreiben?

It still amazes me how small the world has become in the Internet Age. One day I might get used to the idea and take it for granted. But for now, I'm astounded every time I look at the pageview statistics. The Failaka Island video alone has gotten views from 73 different countries!

Thanks for checking in. And stay tuned. Big news to come.

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