Sunday, November 8, 2009


I've been bad.

I realize this blog has been left completely unattended. But it's time to wipe off the dust.

A lot has happened since my last update. There were a couple of set-backs, and a couple of successes.

To start with, the script for To Rest in Peace won the Silver Prize at the Page Screenwriting Awards. The feature version, News from Kuwait, made it to the semi-finals of Page, and is advancing in another competition through

Editing got off to a good start, but then took a long hiatus. Unfortunately, Zach (the editor) was committed to another thesis that was expected to be finished by August, but kept on being extended. We took a three week hiatus from To Rest in Peace so he could picture lock the other thesis. Those three weeks turned into six weeks, before Zach recommended I find another editor. A week later, progress continued with my good friend Ryan Frost, who co-edited Into the Unknown with me two semesters ago.

Since then, we have gone through a number of cuts, screening it to faculty and industry mentors for notes. We are getting ready to screen it for a test audience soon.

The trip to Kuwait is now scheduled for December, after the semester is over. We should picture lock shortly afterwards, then move on to visual effects, and sound design.

Updates might be sparse for the next little while. This has been a busy, but wonderfully exciting semester. I am taking more than a full course load, TAing two classes on directing, interning on a passion project, and finishing up the first draft of a new feature, The First Apocalypse, based on a true story that has haunted me for years.

Until next time...

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