Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Editor's Cut

Monday was the grand unveiling of the editor's cut.

There's an old expression, that your film is never as bad as the first assembly. Something often happens between script and production, that leads to a near heart attack when a director first sits down to see the footage all cut together in script order. That's when the editor comes to the rescue with ideas on how to rearrange, reconceive, and rewrite scenes, so that, draft by draft, the film starts resembling the original spirit of the story again.

So I went to visit Zach's editing suite with our favourite Starbucks drinks, and braced myself for the experience.

Needless to say, Zach delivered a great first cut. So great, that I completely forgot my part in this film, and just enjoyed watching it. He disproved the old expression. We watched it again for notes, then had lunch to talk over the scenes.

The cut is just over 19 minutes, which is a perfect length for what will eventually become a 15 minute film. Editing will last for the next couple of months, as we refine the 'lean-forward moments', and shape the character arcs.

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