Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Post-Production Post

Back to blogging, after a couple of weeks off.

To Rest in Peace is now in the capable hands of its editor, Zach Dehm. We transcoded all the 4k RED footage to a more manageable HD resolution, and synched all the audio. Picture cutting is now under way. Once the editor's cut is ready, we'll start working together for long hours, shaping the story. (And thank you to our post-production supervisor, Dennis Castello, for getting the process started).

Zach and I have worked together several times, starting with an intermediate project that he edited and I produced. In USC lingo, it was a 546. We know all our classes by their number. 546 is the first class in which we take on specialized roles, instead of having to be cinematographer and editor together, or director and sound designer, etc. To Rest in Peace is a thesis, so it's a 581.

Expect more posting in the next couple of weeks. There will be updates on post-production, and stories about production. There's even a little behind-the-scenes video to come...

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