Friday, April 17, 2009


We are now in prep week five, almost a month away from production.  Maybe not the best of times to start on a blog, as the work days get longer and longer, and sleep becomes more and more rare.  But it seemed like a good outlet for news and ideas, so...

Welcome to our blog! 

Here you will find news about the progress, stories about the work, and musings about the inspirations.  

It's a lot of ups and downs working on a film.  Sometimes it seems like the stars are all aligning, and other times it seems like the obstacles are just too big.  But as my producer Josh always says, whether to celebrate or to rally:

"We're makin' movies!!"


  1. Hi Fawaz,

    I'm happy to see you start this blog!

    It'll be great to keep up with all the latest news as you work on this movie!

    Best of luck and I look forward to your updates! :D


  2. Good luck Fawaz , I am pround as a Kuwaiti to see what you are doing, keep it up and waiting to see your movie

    Ali Younis